Mark Rendeluk: Owner
Mark has been working in the industry for over 20 years now.
He does all of the paint and creates all of his designs only in his
head. All of his spare time is spent on his true passion - racing!
From top fuel bike to super competition drag bike. To the start
of his first year out in the Outlaws pro-street car. He's done it
all. If Mark is not creating art on a car, truck, or bike he's killing
himself in the shop to finish something so he can start painting.

Mark Rendeluk started out as a little boy around five years old painting hot wheels in his room. The custom paint started developing into model cars at around eight years old, winning trophy’s for model car contests Mark started to turn his interests to the real auto industry, where he painted cars in his driveway and in parking lots of the shops where he worked, coming up with unique designs he only thinks up in his head, never drawn on paper. Marks mind is a library of designs waiting to flow out on his vehicles. From motorcycles to big semi trucks mark has done it all. His work is the best work possible; he says it’s like his own car."I would only do the best I can, no less no imperfections and most of all doing it right the first time.

The story behind the name “Mr. Paint”
Marks name is a long name and he was painting on his dads Harley when he came to the conclusion that his name was too long, he was talking to his dad and he said "Why not put your initials (M.R) better yet how about Mr. Paint? And from then on the name stuck, more people call him that than his real name. The 7000 square foot shop and name that he created as well as his work has grown into a successful business where he employs three people but won't step out of his paint booth to give the gun to anybody not even for a little small spot job" that’s something I will never give up, I love being in that booth!!"

Danny Plank
Danny has been with Mr. Paint for some time now and is a graduate of Metro Tech . Danny became interested in cars as a small boy when he would help his father as a "Shade Tree Mechanic".